River North

Modern Apartments and Condos Intermixed with Incredible Cultural and Culinary Offerings

River North is a little over three square miles in size but home to an estimated 27,000 people. With more clubs, galleries and studios than any other part of Chicago, River North attracts creatives looking for a trendy community full of inspiration. The neighborhood can easily be accessed by the L, Chicago’s extensive metro network, along with other public transportation. There is ample space for bikers and pedestrians too.

Foodies love River North. With new restaurants popping up in the neighborhood all the time, eating in River North never gets boring. On top of great food, locals benefit from the area’s proximity to downtown, high quality grade schools, and an absolutely beautiful riverfront.

River North

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River North

Character Steeped in History

After the Chicago Fire of 1871, much of River North was rebuilt into a manufacturing district with shipping yards, railroad tracks and tall warehouses constantly chugging out plumes of smoke. Locals aptly nicknamed the area ‘Smokey Hollow’. The Merchandise Mart was built near the railroad tracks in the 1930’s, the largest building in the world at the time. Once the port was relocated to another part of the city, Smokey Hollow was slowly abandoned by most of its residents over a period of more than 40 years.

Things started changing in the 1970s. As developers began seeing the potential of the affordable,  well-positioned neighborhood, creatives began repurposing the industrial buildings into studios and galleries. Today, it boasts the largest concentration of art galleries outside of Manhattan and the most diverse restaurants and entertainment of anywhere in Chicago.